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built on Blockchain & AI technologies for the infinity economy



Umbala Labs is committed to accelerating the development of the infinity world by laying the foundation for a decentralized economy.



The World Wide Infinity Conference 2024 focuses on the intersection of blockchain and generative AI as core technologies that lead to the whole new worlds.

A sequence of public sharing and private coaching events catered towards individuals without prior experience in cryptocurrency.

A sequence of launch events to introduce new blockchain & gen AI startups in front of users, retail investors, venture capitals, & potential parters.

We're proposing a series of blockchain & generative AI community meetups to bring together infinity builders, biz partners, and VCs.



The core team is the alpha wolves, we fight immortally with crazy love and obsession to design the human imagination into a futuristic decentralized world for everyone, who wants to be free and wild.


Founder & CEO

@Umbala Labs

With over 15 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, this individual is highly passionate about developing online mobile social platforms. He has spent over a decade working on online camera-based products, followed by 4+ years working on a social live video e-commerce platform, and another 4+ years on a blockchain economy platform. Currently serving as the Founder and CEO of Umbala Labs, he leads a blockchain & Gen AI lab that focuses on incubating DeFi and AI products, with the goal of creating the Infinity World. Prior to this, he served as the CEO of UMBALA.TV, a social live video application, from 2015 to 2020. Before this, he was the CEO of CNC Corporation, a software company with millions of USD in sales, from 2005 to 2014. He is also a well-known technologist influencer in Vietnam.


Partner & Board Member

@Blockchain Coinvestors @CryptoOracle

He has been focused on crypto 24/7 since seeing the crypto light on June 29, 2017. He’s a Partner & Board Members at Blockchain Coinvestors, a crypto fund-of-funds, invested in 40 of the leading crypto VCs around the world. Lou is the founder of the CryptoOracle Collective, a decentralized crypto advisory firm. He’s a Senior Advisor to the Global Blockchain Group at investment bank Moelis & Company. The Wall Street Journal called Lou “Wall Street’s Bitcoin Expert”, Lou is ranked among the most influential crypto bloggers on Medium, regularly keynotes major crypto industry events, and often appears on TV or in print talking about crypto. He also builds crypto communities, including CryptoMondays DAO, the largest crypto Meetup group in the world.


Co-Founder & COO

@Blockx Network

As an individual with a growth-marketing mindset. In collaboration with CryptoMondaysDAO, Crypto Oracle Collective, Blockchain Coinvestors, she aims to establish a global community, collaborating with Crypto & Gen AI Builders, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs), Media Partners, and Global Venture Capitalists. Jennie previously served as the Marketing Manager of Umbala.Tv, a social review platform catering to young people in Vietnam, and as the Social Media Lead at Cat Tien Sa, the leading TV production house in Vietnam, where she specializes in social media marketing for TV Game Shows like Bolero Idols, The Voice, and SaoStar.



Who are we in the next world? the infinity world? We are magical wizards! We research, design, and develop miracle products for humankind to enjoy a wonderful new world.


"We’re #umbalawolves, we work together to shape the infinity world."

Thao Nguyen (TN)



SharkTank Vietnam Season 1

Winner | 2018

Forbes Startup Contest

Winner | 2015

Israel Startups Challenges

Winner | 2014

Singtel Challenges

Top 10 | 2014

Intel DST Asia Pacific Challenges

Top 10 | 2012

Samsung Challenges

Top 2 | 2012

Nhân Tài Đất Việt

Third Prize | 2010



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