Crazy guys create magic

Utilizing blockchain, camera, AI technologies to create the world’s eye vision computing power & accelerate decentralized economy

Umbala Network

Yggdrasil of Umbala Products

A performance-focus & highly-scalable blockchain for decentralized eye-vision computing applications.

Umbala Network holds the life of the whole world. All things in the new world are given the vitality to grow. We liken this platform to the life-sustaining tree of our products.

The Sun, The First Light.

StreamX Network is a decentralized computing power providing a best live video streaming service in the market.

Unlimited bandwidth.

Less-than-3-second latency

Allows people to earn money from sharing free resources in their computers.

With all the above features and also the first masterpiece to be implemented, StreamX is the sun that brings life to all Umbala products.

The Moon, The Deep Inside.

CameraX Engine is a new solution for an automation world under Camera AI, AR, VR infrastructure.

Along with the flashy exterior of StreamX Network. CameraX Engine with hidden power inside will be a strong pair of cards together to create a magical world.

The Next Generation Silk Road.

ShopX Network provides live video shopping protocol to accelerate decentralized social ecommerce marketplace platforms.

After life is stabilized, the world begins to form trade among people. ShopX Network brings new currencies under the Blockchain platform, making trading transactions convenient and completely secure.

The 1st Market Place In New World

Umbala.Tv is a trendy lifestyle live video shopping marketplace platform.




Camera shopping

Social recomendation shopping

Live video shopping

Customer-approaching & successful deals: increase by 10 times.

Deal closing rate through: increase to 45% (from 15%).

Payment: done in a few seconds.